"What is your dream?"

In April 2019, I threw this question to the kids, who are supported by the Inspirational Committee on Children, to understand them better.

As expected, singers, doctors, and teachers were the common answers I received. What did surprise me was the reasons they gave. 

 A girl dreamed of becoming a singer. She used to live in a happy family of three until a car accident took her father’s life. "Songs can bring happiness to those who have been through a similar gray chapter like me," she wrote. 


A boy wanted to become a doctor for his mother. She had bone cancer and suffered from endless pain until the last day of her life. It was the time that another bad news came. His father cannot bear the huge mental and money pressure and chose to end his life. That little kid said, only if he became a doctor could he help more poor people in need. 

For these children, dreams are burdened with life pressures. However, their eyes still sparkle like jewels. I realize that when we are talking about dreams, the answer is no longer the thing that matters; the kind, pure, and passionate heart behind each dream is.

These touching moments inspired me to make this film about hope and dream. Those children are the main actors in the story and also in their own life stories.


Limited by their living conditions and material sources, the kids in the Inspirational Committee on Children usually have no control over what they receive from the outside world and what they are able to express. Now, it is our turn to sit down and hear their stories and to make their voices louder till they echo. 

Crew and Cast


Hongjia Yang


Haijing Fei.     Fangping Hua

Executive Producer

Liangchen Qu.     Yingjun Pan.      Doudou Jin

Produced By

Ang Shi


Jun Sun

Artistic Adviser

Liansheng Bi.     Yanwei Bi  


Hongjia Yang

Behind the Scene

The film was shot in a real school which has only five students, two teachers, and one headmaster who has just retired.  

The school is located at a small island, four hours drive North from the major city. The boat is the only choice villagers have in order to go to the town on the other side of the river.  

Director | Photographer | Art Director​

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